Congress Scholarships

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2018 ONS Foundation
Congress Scholarship

  • Chelsea-Passwater

    Chelsea Passwater

  • Christina Rone

    Christina Rone

  • Fabienne-Ulysse

    Fabienne Ulysse

  • Heather Reid

    Heather Reid

  • Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown

  • Karen Meade

    Karen Meade

  • Kelsey Williams

    Kelsey Williams

  • Kimberley McDaniel

    Kimberley McDaniel

  • Michele Williams

    Michele Williams

  • Nancy Spence

    Nancy Spence

  • Pamela Katz

    Pamela Katz

  • Patti Davis

    Patti Davis

  • Samantha Kolke

    Samantha Kolke

  • Samantha Rossi

    Samantha Rossi

  • Shelly Carlos

    Shelly Carlos

  • Stephanie Everitt

    Stephanie Everitt

  • Susan McAhren

    Susan McAhren

  • Susan Minsaas

    Susan Minsaas

  • Wanda Burdette

    Wanda Burdette

All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Purpose : To support a registered nurse interested in improving cancer care by developing their personal knowledge as a result of attending the ONS Congress and sharing this new knowledge with others. 

Scholarship Recipients will receive an educational grant for up to $1,200 to apply toward ONS Congress registration, travel to and from Congress and per diem Congress expenses.  The Congress registration fee will be automatically deducted from the grant prior to payment.  

Individuals living or working within a 50 mile radius of the conference location are eligible to receive the conference registration fee only. The Congress registration fee will be paid directly to ONS.

NOTE: An individual cannot receive this scholarship more than one time.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018 - please check back for 2019 application after September 15. 

2018 Congress Scholarship Recipients