Emerging Chapter Leader Scholarships

2017 Emerging Chapter
Leader Congress
Scholarship Recipients

  • April Baker

    April Baker

  • Kristina Brown

    Kristina Brown

  • Jimanesha Carmouche

    Jimanesha Carmouche

  • Hayley Dunnack

    Hayley Dunnack

  • Lisa Ecklund

    Lisa Ecklund

  • Rebekah Flynn

    Rebekah Flynn

  • Cynthia Hedrick

    Cynthia Hedrick

  • Nicole Heyman

    Nicole Heyman

  • Sarah Kincaid

    Sarah Kincaid

  • Angela Knox

    Angela Knox

  • Faith Lasher

    Faith Lasher

  • Keisha Lester

    Keisha Lester

  • Kristin Maloney

    Kristin Maloney

  • Brittany Myers

    Brittany Myers

  • Keri Nace Mercer

    Keri Nace Mercer

  • Emily Purdy

    Emily Purdy

  • Jordyn Southard

    Jordyn Southard

  • Shay R. Texas

    Shay R. Texas

  • Charissa Wynn

    Charissa Wynn

Funded by ONS – Lilly Oncology Advancing Patient Care Project though the ONS Foundation

All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Purpose: To recognize emerging oncology nursing Chapter leaders to receive an educational scholarship for up to $1,200 to attend the 2017 ONS Congress.

Scholarship: Recipients will receive an educational scholarship for up to $1,200 to apply toward the 2017 ONS Congress. Individuals living within a 50 mile radius from the Colorado Convention Center are only eligible for conference registration.


  • Nominee must be a registered oncology nurse with no more than 7 years' nursing experience.
  • Identify one Chapter Board Officer that can attest to your leadership activities within the Chapter. Please notify the Officer that you will be applying and that they will be receiving a survey from the ONS Foundation shortly after you submit your application to attest to your leadership activities.
  • Previous Emerging Chapter Leadership scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply. Individuals cannot receive the Emerging Chapter Leader Scholarship and Congress scholarship in the same year.
  • Nominee must agree to attend the 2017 ONS Congress in its entirety May 4, 2017 (opening ceremonies 7:45 a.m.) thru May 7, 2017 (final session concludes at 11:00 a.m.)
  • Nominee must agree to participate in follow-up evaluations.
  • Nominee must agree to submit itemized expense receipts within 30 days after the ONS Congress.