Clinical Project Funding for Advanced Practice Oncology Nurses

2015 Recipient

Jeannie Wirth, MSN,
Clinical Project Plan for
Improving End-of-Life Care


All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Purpose: To provide support for a clinical project (e.g. EBP or QI) conducted by advanced practice oncology nurses with a MSN or DNP for the purpose of facilitating innovative solutions to the challenges of delivering patient-centered, evidenced based and accessible care. Projects must utilize existing evidence for implementation into practice.


  1. To support professional development of the APN or DNP in oncology through clinically-based projects (e.g. EBP, QI).
  2. To support implementation of patient-centered, evidence based practice in oncology care that promote practice or system changes and improves patient and or organizational outcomes.

Grant: Up to $5,000 per year for two (2) years as long as progress is made on the project after one year.


  1. Graduate of an MN, MSN, or DNP program.
  2. Currently practicing in an APN role.

Projects NOT Funded:

  1. Research projects or add-on portions to current research projects intended to generate new evidence.
  2. Capital projects
  3. Equipment funding
  4. Travel expenses, including those related to dissemination of outcomes
  5. Publication expenses, including those related to dissemination of outcomes
  6. Capstone or thesis projects
  7. Academic education

Application deadline: June 15, 2016