ONS Connections: Advancing Care through Science Conference Scholarship

2013 ONS Connections
Conference Scholarship
Award Recipients

  • Dia Byrne

    Dia Byrne

  • Grace Campbell

    Grace Campbell

  • Lisa Carter-Harris

    Lisa Carter-Harris

  • Kayla CastaƱeda

    Kayla CastaƱeda

  • Laurie Connors

    Laurie Connors

  • Georgie Cusack

    Georgie Cusack

  • Melissa Foster

    Melissa Foster

  • Julie Hammon

    Julie Hammon

  • Mary Hardin

    Mary Hardin

  • Melissa Hartman

    Melissa Hartman

  • Rachel Hirschey

    Rachel Hirschey

  • Mary Lou Kanaskie

    Mary Lou Kanaskie

  • Heather Lowry

    Heather Lowry

  • Lorraine Mack

    Lorraine Mack

  • Angie Maynard

    Angie Maynard

  • Rae Brana Reynolds

    Rae Brana Reynolds

  • Maria Seitz

    Maria Seitz

  • Tamika Turner

    Tamika Turner

  • Vicki Ullemeyer

    Vicki Ullemeyer

  • Hyojin Yoon

    Hyojin Yoon

  • Noah Zanville

    Noah Zanville

New Look for ONS National Conferences

In 2014 ONS will be presenting an all new conference format. Starting next year, ONS will combine the annual Congress and Connections conferences into one event that appeals to oncology nurses of all levels and specialties.

2013 ONS Foundation Connections Scholarship Recipients