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Grants Process Overview

The Oncology Nursing Foundation supports research grants and fellowships to identify and test new insights into patient care.

Grant Process Overview: Getting Started

Learn the Basics

Plan Your Approach

The mission of the Oncology Nursing Foundation is to support cancer nursing excellence. We do this through a variety of funding opportunities including research grant opportunities for the nurse scientist community. Review the Foundation’s current grant opportunities found on the website.
The Foundation uses the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Research Agenda to inform topics for calls for research proposals. 

Explore these additional resources: 

Ensure your research meets the call and ideally the ONS research agenda.

Grant calls are approved by the Foundation Board and funded by a variety of resources, most notably the Foundation Endowment and donors interested in the advancement of cancer nursing research. Check the ICRP website and other resources to ensure your research is original and relevant.


Grant Process Overview: Apply for Funding

Prepare to Apply

Write Application - Online Submission instructions


Choose the funding opportunity that aligns with your research proposal and set a schedule for gathering and writing all required documents.

Review the Grantmaker Online Submission instructions listed within the application.

Make sure your application has been fully submitted by first validating and then submitting the application.

Be sure to read through the application and instructions completely to ensure you meet all requirements.

Find the application from our Apply Now page and create a log-in on the grant application page.


Inform your institution of your intent to apply and gain support.

Complete all required fields and upload all required documents.


Watch the Video: Keys to Writing an Effective Research Grant Proposal.

Be sure to proofread and have a mentor and institutional official proofread the entire grant for any grammar issuers, missing information, or unclear objectives.



Grant Process Overview: Application Review

Peer Review


All ONF grants are reviewed by a peer review team with an assigned Chair.

Approval of proposals is a combination of the highest score and appropriateness of the proposal to the call.

Review teams are comprised of past grant winners and nurse scientist research experts.

Recommendations are accepted from the chair by the executive director and approved by the Foundation Board.

Chair assigns the proposals based on conflict-of-interest declarations and area of expertise- each application will have a primary, secondary, and collateral review.


Reviewers follow a critique outline focusing on the following areas: Significance, Investigators, Innovation, Approach, and Environment. The Critique form also contains a protection/inclusion section and an overall impact score.


Review call: the review team will meet for a reviewer call to discuss the proposals and assign final scores- Reviewers with conflicts of interest are put in a waiting room until the discussion of that proposal has concluded.



Grant Process Overview: Notification and Award Process


Post-Award Monitoring and Reporting

Notice of Award letters along with final critiques are sent to successful applicants with instruction on the next steps.

Recipients and their institutions are expected to sign recipient agreements as well as submit other documents for recognition of the award.

Notice of non-recipient letters are sent and include final reviewer critiques to help build upon for future proposal submissions.

Recipients are also expected to submit an annual and final scientific and budgetary report.

The number of proposals funded is determined by dollars approved for the specific call.

Recipients are expected to correspond with the Foundation throughout the life of the project.