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Oncology Nurse Emergency Response Scholarship Fund

A Special Message from the ONS Foundation Board of Trustees

September 15, 2017

The recent natural disasters impacting the Houston Texas area and Florida have affected millions of people, including our fellow oncology nurses who live, study and work in these areas. The ONS Foundation recognizes the important and unique role it plays as a nationally registered non-profit organization. Although our mission is not disaster recovery, we can support the ongoing professional development of nurses in these affected areas. Some are facing rebuilding their lives and we know that funding ongoing professional development could be a hardship to them.

As the emergency response to the disasters begins to subside and the slow process of rebuilding begins, the ONS Foundation is responding by establishing an emergency initiative directed toward ensuring that the oncology nurses in these impacted areas have the ongoing support needed so they may continue to work toward advancing the cancer nursing excellence at the very core of our mission.

Donate today to support this emergency initiative that will allow the ONS Foundation to provide additional awards, grants and scholarships to oncology nurses in the Houston Texas area and Florida so that they may continue to pursue their educational aspirations, leadership development and important cancer nursing research while they rebuild the communities in which they live and work.

Please click the link below to give. Select “Oncology Nurse Emergency Response” and your gift will be directed to this special initiative. A process will be established to ensure that this initiative will benefit those oncology nurses impacted in the Houston Texas area and Florida.

On behalf of oncology nurses and those patients and families they care for with compassion and commitment, thank you.

With thanks,

Cynthia LeBlanc, ONS Foundation President
On behalf of the ONS Foundation Board of Trustees

Donate to the Oncology Nurse Emergency Response Fund

Any unused portions of these special restricted donations will be converted to the ONS Foundation’s regular awards, grants and scholarships if not granted by 12/31/2020.